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    <br> This week’s newsletter includes action items related to the security release of Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 and Bitcoin Core 0.17RC4, the newly-proposed BIP322, and Optech’s upcoming Paris workshop; a link to the C-Lightning 0.6.1 release, more information about BIP322, and some details about the Bustapay proposal; plus brief descriptions of notable merges in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects. This includes desktop, mobile and browser-based wallets. Between stock market volatility, bank failures, and geopolitical conflicts, American retirees have every right to be worried about the safety of their investments in 2023. If recent history has proven anything, it’s that the economic climate can change at the drop of a dime! On September 9th, 2014, eBay- American electric business tycoon,announced its payments arm Braintree began to accept Bitcoin as payment; The travel rental community Airbnb and the car rental service provider Uber also announced that they would begin to accept the virtual currency. This type of wallet is convenient, as it can be used to make in-person payments to merchants who accept crypto. If you don’t feel inspired or creative enough to come up with your very own design, you can print out a clock face design from the Internet onto card stock. Cut it out with a craft knife or scissors, cut a circle in the middle for the clock hands to go through and attach the clock face to the front of the CD with double-sided tape. LINK TO LMI PAGE But keep things tidy: No muddy shoes on the fabric, no jumping on the beds and make sure you wake up in time to give your fellow shoppers a chance to try out that couch. If these CD crafts weren’t enough to keep you busy, see the links on the next page for more ways to turn your trash into treasures. To make a CD clock, you’ll need a CD, a variety of art supplies (no need to buy anything new, you can use whatever you have around your home) and a clock movement or clockwork, which you can buy online or at a crafts store. Just spread the glue around the outer border of the CD with your fingers, then take one end of the lace and stick it to the edge of the CD, making small pleats as you go. If you add a lot to the surface of your CD, you will need a thicker clock movement. However the file does not need to be ‘read in’ or ‘decoded’ but can be directly ‘paged’ into computer memory, and used exactly as-is, without any processing overhead. Read on to find out how CDs can help you keep time. Read on for how to create your own CD bowl and impress all your friends. If you want to fill the hole in the middle, you can glue a small piece of plastic or fabric inside the bottom of your bowl. Once you’re done with the design, glue a clear adhesive plastic sheet or contact paper over the top of the CDs to protect the artwork from getting wet or stained. Place a small, oven-safe bowl on top of a cookie or other flat baking sheet. Next, place the CD shiny side up on top of the oven-safe bowl so it overlaps the top. Not sure what a CD bowl looks like? Before you decide to tackle this craft, you probably want to see what the finished product could look like. Just like the “Arab Spring” public uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, the actions and organization of Occupy Wall Street have taken shape and spread across social media sites, especially Twitter and Tumblr. A cornerstone of IKEA’s business model is flat-packed furniture, which shifts the burden of assembly to the customer – and might cause you to have a panic attack if you were really counting on sleeping in that bed tonight. And while scanning through the furniture inventory, it’s perfectly fine for customers to kick up their feet on an ottoman, stretch out on a chaise lounge or even lie down on a bed if they’re a bit drowsy. We don’t give out the exact numbers — then someone can reverse engineer. A CD clock. This simple and fun craft project can be inexpensive and useful. The best thing about using a CD to create a clock is that the hole for the clock is already there. Once the CD clock is ready, you can hang it from the wall using fishing li<br>/p>

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